Before I Begin…. (Download)


Here it is.


Chuckie A. – Before I Begin (unofficial album)

Link #2

(click above to download)


7 Responses to “Before I Begin…. (Download)”

  1. 1 Nobody

    This doesn’t work on my comp. Can I get some help?

  2. 2 Mr. O

    may i ask what exactly doesn’t work on your computer? if u are talking about the file u download. u will need something to unzip it so go to and search for WINRAR application download install and right click the file and extract it.

  3. 3 moua vang

    keep up with the music lovin it

  4. 4 승준

    hmmm for me the link opens but i get error loading page any help?

  5. 5 nevesys

    K i will try uploading it somewhere else for download so stay tuned for another download link.

  6. 6 trix

    ZShare isn’t working for me either lately. Downloads only small parts then stops.

    • 7 nevesys

      I have come to realize a big slow thing going on with Zshare i am trying to get an alternate source of download coming so give me about an hour and i will have a new download link. I will post a new update when i do.

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