About Me

I’m a Young Entrepreneur with a lot of idea’s and experiences that I manifest towards my work. I have came a long way with designing, photo editing, website designs and so forth, but I am not doing much of those things anymore but only as a small hobby. I am only doing a few small projects here and there but only for my long time followers i help from time-to-time. I am not hoping for something big to come out of it but over time i hope to get better at it.

Why Nevesys Innovations? Well because I love to bring new idea’s to the table and the name speaks for itself because it is bringing something different.  I am who I am today but I will not make the haters or negative energy break me down. I am planning to return to school to pursue new creative skills or something else in general but for now I am banging out my Nevesys Innovations and Beyond.

This Blog was created to show my small projects and also help promote for my friends and just for me to express what i think, feel or whatever it may be. For now it is all Nevesys Innovations baby. Hate it or Love it.


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