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New things coming up so just keeping it low pro for awhile. New Chuckie Songs released on his in video form. In other news i will be porting this blog to a new server and i will be updating when the transition is done. for now keep posted at Stay Tuned. Advertisements

I have noticed a lot of people claiming 2 things they are having problems with the Before I Begin Album download. 1. Download links do not work. 2. Once file is download it doesnt work. Now I have ask a few people and it has worked for them so I do not see why it […]

Now I know I’ve noticed a few people been having trouble with the download link from zshare which I cannot seem to find out why but because of a few issues brought to my attention, I will be reloading another download link from another source. Once that is finished i will update the post with […]

Many of you may be visiting my page for the first time or maybe just revisiting. Well let me introduce myself, my name is Nevesys (sounds like Nemesis). I am the background guy who does the work on the side. I work with a few people here and there and i love to promote for […]

Here it is. Chuckie A. – Before I Begin (unofficial album) Link #2 (click above to download)

This album from Chuckie A. aka Chuckie Akenz, I would say is one of the albums i would be looking forward to this year. I have a few things to announce very soon cause I will be collaborating with Chuckie himself for a designer T-Shirt that will be released with the album itself. Now in […]