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New things coming up so just keeping it low pro for awhile. New Chuckie Songs released on his in video form. In other news i will be porting this blog to a new server and i will be updating when the transition is done. for now keep posted at Stay Tuned. Advertisements

Many of you may be visiting my page for the first time or maybe just revisiting. Well let me introduce myself, my name is Nevesys (sounds like Nemesis). I am the background guy who does the work on the side. I work with a few people here and there and i love to promote for […]

Just recently my homie Duane Starr dropped his first single for his upcoming album which is slated for a  Summer/Fall 2009 Release. This single features 2 guest apperances of Rochester & Chuckie A. (Chuckie Akenz).  Banging track for the club and word is a video will be releasing for this if all is true. Would […]

Duane Starr – One of a Kind 2.5 The Reloaded Mixtape. Recently a few months ago Duane Starr released One of a Kind part 2 Mixtape a follow up to the part 1 version. Well now i will present Part 2.5 which is a small follow up to his part 2 version which will include […]