Another album i will be looking forward to this year. I am currently putting together a pre-album mixtape titled “One of a Kind 2.5” which is a follow up to his part one and part 2. I would call this a reloaded version because i will be throwing in a few unreleased tracks here and there *ofcourse with his permission lol*. It was slated for a release this month but i will keep posted with the release date for the mixtape but the album itself is still due for Fall 2009 but be sure to see a video and be sure to request the track Duane Starr ft. Rochester & Chuckie A – V.I.P call flow, call radio stations, call where ever, i do not care just REQUEST IT.



This album from Chuckie A. aka Chuckie Akenz, I would say is one of the albums i would be looking forward to this year. I have a few things to announce very soon cause I will be collaborating with Chuckie himself for a designer T-Shirt that will be released with the album itself. Now in other news to the album, he is currently hard at work to get this album to the fans and to all the faithful followers but dont be down because of the setbacks. Right now it is for a good reason because it will be a promising album. I will surely keep everyone posted on new updates and so forth. Also would like to advise i will be posting his videos in good quality on the media page i will be putting together later this week. Til next time. Stay Fresh.


Just recently my homie Duane Starr dropped his first single for his upcoming album which is slated for a  Summer/Fall 2009 Release. This single features 2 guest apperances of Rochester & Chuckie A. (Chuckie Akenz).  Banging track for the club and word is a video will be releasing for this if all is true. Would be tight to see a video for a cool track like this. Keep it coming Mr. Starr.

Duane Starr Feat. Chuckie A. & Rochester – V.I.P (Produced by Incredible J)


Duane Starr – One of a Kind 2.5 The Reloaded Mixtape. Recently a few months ago Duane Starr released One of a Kind part 2 Mixtape a follow up to the part 1 version. Well now i will present Part 2.5 which is a small follow up to his part 2 version which will include a few tracks from the recent part 2 version and some unreleased tracks along with his upcoming lead single from his debut album.  Stay tuned for more updates.